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Flower Subscription FAQ

What is a flower subscription?

A flower subscription provides the recipient with fresh flowers one day per week, typically for four weeks.

Will I know the type or color of flowers prior to purchasing? 

No, but you can rest assured that only the best flowers will be chosen. If you purchase a tulip bunch subscription, you will receive tulips, no other flower will be used or substituted. 

Can I gift someone a flower subscription?

YES, we love the idea of gifting flowers! Please be sure the recipient's delivery address is within our delivery zone (listed below).  


What is the delivery day for flower subscriptions? 

Deliveries will be made on Thursdays between 7:00 am - 7:00 pm.

What is the delivery zone for your farm? 

We deliver flowers to the following zip codes 67002, 67010, 67017, 67055, 67067, 67133, 67202, 67206, 67207, 67208, 67210, 67211, 67218, 67219, 67220, 67221, 67226, 67228, 67230 and 67232.*** 

Is there a delivery fee?

Currently, we do not charge a delivery; however, this will likely change in the future due to increasing costs. 

What if the recipient is not home on Thursdays to receive the flowers?

If the recipient is not home on Thursdays to receive the delivery, we will do our best to place the flowers in a shaded area near the recipient's front door. However, the sooner the flowers can be brought inside away from the elements, the better. Deliveries can also be made to the recipient's place of work, if they work within the list of deliverable zip codes listed above. 

Can I pick up my flowers? 

Not at this time; however, this will likely change in the near future. 

Do you ship flowers?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship flowers. This is something that our farm is considering for the future. We will advertise this option, should it become available in the future. 

How can I stay up-to-date on sales, events, and other information regarding your flower farm?

Email subscribers will always be the first to know about sales, events, and other happenings on our flower farm. We will also periodically provide sales and discounts to our email subscribers. Don't miss out! We promise we won't spam your inbox! Sign up below.


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