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Seed kit instructions

We're excited that you chose to try our seed kit! Below you'll find step-by-step instructions.

-Open seed kit. Remove, unfold and place the paper placemat on your workspace. Place the seed kit, seed packets, and plastic marking pieces on the paper placemat. 

-Use a permanent marker or pen to write the seed name and today’s date on each plastic marking piece. Please note, you should write this on the end furthest from the point; the pointed end will be placed into the seed tray. 


Zinnia 4/23/22

Basil 4/23/22

-Moisten the seed starting mix within the seed tray cells with water. It should feel moist to the touch, but not wet. 

-Plant each seed ¼ inch deep into the moist seed starting mix and cover the planted seed with seed starting mix. Use 6 of the seed tray cells for basil seeds and 6 of the seed tray cells for zinnia seeds. Use one seed per cell; each seed packet contains extra seeds in case you drop one. 

-Once you have planted your seeds, place the plastic marking pieces into the seed tray cells, and place the dome lid on top of the seed tray. Be sure the lid vents are closed; this will help keep the seeds moist during germination. 

-Place the seed tray in a sunny spot. Keep the seed tray away from direct heat or cold, such as air vents. 

-Once the seeds have germinated and sprouted, remove the dome lid.

-Keep the seed starting mix evenly moist by adding water to the bottom tray as needed. To add water, remove the seed cell tray, fill the bottom tray about ¼ of the way with water, then place the seed cell tray back into the tray containing the water. After 15 minutes, dump any remaining water that was not absorbed by the seed tray cells.

-Once the seedlings have 3-4 sets of leaves and the outdoor temperature remains above freezing, it is safe to transplant the seedlings outdoors.

We hope you enjoy watching these seeds grow into your very own bouquet!

Tag us on IG and Facebook @brigittesblossoms with pictures of your growing adventure! 

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