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The Roots of our Flower Farm

Zinnias, the first flower I grew an interest in. My dad planted a circle of these around the base of the flagpole in our front yard. Bold, bright, and unstoppable; these small seeds grew with such ease and vigor. The flowers provided so much lasting beauty. 


Fast forward to the fall of 2019; my mom passed away from cancer. Before she passed, she and my dad picked out a memorial tree to be planted in their backyard. This tree would become her final resting place, her ashes gently placed among the roots of the tree. A memorial that is easily seen, a place where she can be remembered and loved.


Behind her tree, my dad planted four rose bushes, a semi-circle of cheerful and abundant color. One fall day, in 2020, I was deadheading the roses, while also remembering my mom. Caught up in my surroundings, out in nature, it hit me…. I want to work with flowers! How could I not?! My thoughts trailed to my dad's Zinnia's; they provided redefined joy, not unlike the roses that I was working with. Through the sadness, happiness could be felt again and also shared with others. At that moment, I didn’t know what my dream would look like, but also in that very same moment, my dream for this flower farm was born!

Janice Standing with Flowers December 2021_edited_edited.jpg


To provide easy access to sustainably grown flowers

for the local community directly from our farm

outside of Andover, Kansas.


To cultivate the land through organic and no-till farming practices, resulting in an abundance of beautiful flowers for the surrounding community, including the area’s wildlife. 







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