Tulip Planting service

Do you love seeing tulips in your yard, but you don't have the time or energy to plant them?

We are here for you!

Our tulip planting service provides the tulip bulbs, the labor, and the 811 service ticket. 

The following options are available for purchase. 

50 bulbs for $110

100 bulbs for $200

Additional bulbs (beyond 100) $1.75 per bulb

*Purchase price includes sales tax.

Tulips will be planted in October and November.

Pictured, at the bottom of this page, are the tulips available for this service.

Tulip varieties can be mixed for your order.

For example, your 50 bulb order does not need to consist of 50 red tulips;

your order can contain a variety of tulips.

To purchase this service, please contact us at 316-670-2586

or complete the Tulip Service Inquiry form below.

Tulip Service Inquiry
Please select the days and times that you are available to dicuss this service.

Thank you!

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Tulip Bulb Availability

Fringed Cummins

Spring Green

Triumph Jumbo White

Professor Rontgen Parrot

Orange Favourite


Double Fringed Snow Crystal

Miami Sunset

Cabana Parrot

Double Late Mount Tacoma

Avignon Parrot

Darwin Hybrid Apricot Pride